Christ Cathedral Campaign

In 2012, the Diocese of Orange acquired the landmark campus of the Crystal Cathedral, now known as Christ Cathedral. This acquisition left them with the monumental challenge of educating the public and making the larger community aware of what was going to take place on the campus over the next several years. To help communicate their vision on how the new home of the Diocese of Orange would impact the community they turned to Contexture. Then began a campaign aimed at building anticipation, energizing support for renovations, and presenting Christ Cathedral as an emerging center of global Catholicism in the West.


The critical challenge was sharing the story in a concise and easy to understand way. To meet this need, Contexture interviewed key leaders, including the bishop and the architectural firm, to highlight the upcoming changes and articulate the vision of the new campus. Contexture also took aerial photography of the campus to help provide a frame of reference for the changes. Finally, in collaboration with Johnson Fain Architecture 3D animated fly-throughs were created of the new cathedral design. The result was a beautifully and concisely told story that has helped the Diocese inspire confidence in the community and raise over $80 million for the renovations.


The new website for Christ Cathedral required a dynamic map that would guide tourists, parishioners and all visitors coming to the campus. Contexture designed a beautiful 2.5D stylized aerial view map that became the interactive basis for clickable content including historical and architectural details, videos on key points of interest, and artist architectural renderings. Contexture produced all content and coded every element on the map itself. For more detail see the separate case study on this project.



For the 40th anniversary of the Diocese of Orange, they wanted to inaugurate this special event by creating a 360 virtual reality experience showcasing what the interior of Christ Cathedral will look like upon completion. Contexture created the 360 video with fly-throughs as well as assisted with providing the virtual reality headsets for the event itself. This experience helped the hundreds of people visiting the Cathedral that day feel as if they were truly standing in the finished cathedral and it inspired the community once more.



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