Dr. Daniel Amen TV Specials

Daniel Amen, MD, is a psychiatrist, brain imaging specialist, New York Times bestselling author and the CEO and medical director of Amen Clinics.

Contexture has produced 9 public television shows for Daniel and the Amen Clinics, including BrainFit, On the Psychiatrist’s Couch, Healing ADD, The Omni Health Revolution, Unleash the Power of the Female Brain, The Amen Solution, Use Your Brain to Change Your Age, The Brain in Love, and Change Your Brain, Change Your Body. Each show utilizes 7 cameras, a coordinated live graphics presentation, and a 200-member live studio audience. As a turnkey solution, Contexture designed and built the sets, created all program branding and animated graphic elements, and managed all production and post-production workflow. Collectively, these shows have raised over $52 million dollars for public television stations. In the case of Change Your Brain, Change Your Body, the results from the 2-hour show were 100% ROI after the first weekend of broadcast, and 400% after the first month.

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