John Wimbish

Nothing gets John’s heart pumping like being presented with an impossible problem to solve. Armed with a Chemical Engineering degree, he approaches each challenge as a welcome opportunity to engineer a satisfying solution.

“Elegance is my ultimate goal. For an engineer, ‘elegance’ is when a complex problem is solved in a manner that is satisfyingly simple. You just know it is right.”

After receiving his B.S. from N.C. State, John completed a M. A. in Linguistics from U T Arlington. He spent several decades in the Bible translation movement, where he created software for language analysis, anthropological study and translation. John’s software has been used in thousands of languages around the world, including countries like Indonesia, the Philippines and India where he has lived and worked. He now works in overseeing the translation of film scripts into other languages.

“Translation poses its own need for elegance. It’s not about word-for-word equivalents; it’s about transferring the deeper meaning and even the emotion from the original language, so that every target audience is completely mesmerized by the story as they experience the film.”


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