Julianna Joy Ulrich

Julianna Ulrich grew up as a world traveler living in Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia and Kuwait. Despite her many adventures abroad, Julianna has always called Southern California home. After her adventures worldwide she decided to venture into the proprietary realm of the National Air and Space Administration (NASA) for five consecutive summer internships. From those internships she learned that she loved taking part in every aspect of a project but still keeping her eye on the big picture as an operations engineer. She then dove into a brand new world of studying physics at Biola University and graduated in the fall of 2012. She currently uses her love of physics by teaching science part time at a small southern California high school. She uses her love of logistics and operations engineering as the project coordinator at Contexture Intl.

Julianna strives for efficiency and smooth project transitions. She keeps people as her utmost priority and makes sure work is distributed in the best way possible to get the client their high quality product in a timely manner while ensuring projects run smoothly through the company. Julianna is married to Brian Ulrich and enjoys working with him on not only company projects but also his fun personal side film projects. She loves kids, animals, hiking, reading, and singing along to musicals at the top of her lungs.



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