Rick Cortez

From rebranding corporate images to animating CGI characters, Rick Cortez considers each project to be an opportunity to create something inspirational.

“A valuable key to each project’s success, I’ve found, is to find ‘that special something’ in the project for me to get passionate about,” explains Rick. “That enables me to put my heart into it, every time.”

For over 20 years, Rick has immersed himself in visual arts, with an increasing emphasis on dramatic storytelling. His creative vision and editorial design talents are in high demand as he creates stunning website designs, banners, brochures, direct mail marketing, logos, DVD and book covers and photo-real visual effects. Rick’s visually compelling 3D graphic elements are second to none and grace several television specials, indie films and corporate logos.

In Contexture’s video productions, Rick works closely with the director of photography and the editor to achieve a distinctive visual style that complements a project’s unique emotional signature.

“Our focus at Contexture is to connect with the hearts of our client’s audience. The best way for me to contribute to that focus is through creating images that inspire people.”


For its 36th International Conference, FCCI eagerly presented us with an ambitious goal: Build so much anticipation for the Conference that registrations would reach record levels. So we pulled out all the stops and delivered an epic trilogy of short teasers in the spirit of the old 1930s pulp serials. It was exhausting, exhilarating, and creatively challenging - just the way we like it. And the results speak for themselves. The videos got the crowd roaring and registrations were through the roof. I'm proud of what we accomplished, on time and under budget. Plus we made an airplane out of cardboard and a cargo van. That's movie magic for ya!

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