Brian Tyrannus Ulrich

Born in the hill country of Germany, north of the Rhine, Brian Tyrannus Ulrich is as interesting and diverse as his name.  On one side of this flat three sided coin, Brian is a hard working, fun loving filmmaker who has worked on films all the way from LA to Tokyo and back.  He’s always up for lending a listening ear or offer a moral boosting back rub, but watch out, on the second side of the three sided coin, Tyrannus is always analyzing the best way to immobilize people with his Irish ninja skills, if the situation calls for it, and keeps an arsenal of swords and other historic and archaic weapons on display to remind his visitors.  On the third side, Ulrich is a professional who has presented in front of Senators (of the student body government), and interviewed President of the United States.

Brian has worked as an assistant children’s pastor, a ranch hand, and karate instructor, as well as being in charge of tech crews for live events, and directing crews of up to 30 people on film sets.  After shooting films in Japan and the mountains of northern New Mexico, Brian graduated with honors from Biola University with a degree in Cinema and Media Arts, a minor in Biblical Studies, and was married to his college sweetheart, Julianna, a year later.

At Contexture, Brian serves in more capacities than his coin has sides.  Summarized as Director of Post Production, he actually works as a director, writer, editor and producer, but also has experience with compositing, color correcting, sound design, and on set audio, grip, lighting, and camera work.  He loves adventures in the outdoors, and is always up for a friendly chat, but watch out.  This mysterious three sided coin might have a fourth side.


We got to travel around the world... of Orange County to many different locations. We were able to be uber creative and think out of the box as to how to best get attendees excited about next year's conference. A whole shoot day was spent in Joe's newly redone pool and we used a 12 passenger van as a cargo airplane. Also, it's always fun to get the crew together for a fun shoot.

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