Matt Van Andel

As a freelance partner, Matt Van Andel is a valued friend of Contexture Media. He has been a website-crafting savant since the days when AOL and Compuserve ruled the web – creating his first website in 1995 using nothing more than an ordinary text editor.

Today Matt is fighting for truth, justice, and spectacular user experiences. A far-cry from his days creating Geocities websites in plain text editors, Matt now utilizes the latest techniques and technologies to craft highly interactive, state-of-the-art websites and apps for desktops, mobile devices, and emerging media.

When asked what motivates him, Matt responds “I want to constantly push the envelope. When we have a great concept, I refuse to think in terms of ‘is it possible’, I do whatever it takes to make it possible.”

Although Matt is a skilled and experienced programmer, he actually has an extensive art background including a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Design Technologies. “Finding that synergy between design, usability, and functionality is what transforms a ‘plain vanilla’ product into an amazing interactive experience. That’s what drives me.”


This interactive map really exemplifies Contexture's cross-media expertise - incorporating beautiful imagery, video, and subtle animation into a highly interactive and engaging experience for Christ Cathedral's visitors. And because we take international reach seriously, the map automatically detects the visitors language and provides them an appropriate, translated version - videos and all!

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