Stephanie Wilkerson

Stephanie is part of the tactical division of Contexture known as Operation Snap Dragon. As the Manager of Global Operations, she coordinates with the other members of the team in deploying resources and agents to accomplish operations, both in India and the US. Stephanie’s skill set includes reading minds and doing tasks that she has not (yet) been asked to do. When she’s not trying to balance completing several languages, recieving directives from both the Translation and Recording teams and giving assignments to OSD’s Indian Staff, Stephanie works toward becoming a facilitator and consultant for these language projects.

Stephanie is a graduate of Biola University and the Torrey Honors Institute. She graduated in 2011 with a degree in Biblical and Theological Studies. She plans to return to Biola’s Cook School of Intercultural Studies Fall of 2014 to pursue a MA in Linguistics and Biblical Languages in order to able to further assist with Translation activities.

She is currently on research sabbatical.


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